I love the shrubs. It is difficult to paint the night


Athol Tufnell

I've just realised 'Shrubs' reminds me of some of Paul Klee's paintings.


Athol Tufnell

I just love 'Shrubs'. There is a quality of 'otherness' to it. You have captured the spiritual mystical quality of nature. A lovely composition and an elegant use of colour. Outstanding!


Berenice Gayer

Lady after Degas and Ballet dancers in style of degas are fantastic- impressed!!!


lynn gregory

Lovely pastel colours.

i really love the inmpressionists and you have done them justice very well.

I like the softness of the pictures and the colours are complimentary.


Cecilia Montague

The four pieces of art in your on-line show have varied techniques of painting and drawing that make them interesting to study. The colours in your paintings are very pleasant. The drawings are also enticing to look at because of the arrangement of colour in them.

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