Alan Streets has painted as a Plein Air artist in New York City for 10 years with his acrylic canvases becoming popular and well known. While in America Alan Streets stars in the award winning documentary, “My Name Is Alan and I Paint Pictures”, which covers six years of his life and focuses on the relationship between his diagnosis as a schizophrenic and his struggle to find success in the art world. The documentary examines Alan’s life, the role art and painting play in it, and how mental illness intertwines with artistic creation and perception. Now based in the UK, he also paints landscapes and imaginary scenes, as well as undertaking commissions. He has been selling paintings since the age of eighteen, selling to art galleries and collectors. Alan is a self taught woodcarver and have been carving as a hobby for the last six years. he discovered that he could woodcarve by doing a small woodcut of a swallow on a thin piece of mahogany . Alan was pleased with what he managed to do so bought some woodcarving chisels and some blocks of hardwood and tried to make some woodcarvings. With practise he was able to carve more complicated things and for this he uses the specialist woodcarving chisels and discovered what he knows by trial and error.




Fantastic art for art total commitment to expression regardless definetly inspirational love the work pure





Kwei Eden

Simply WOW! love the colour and the shape...


Ella Stadtleb

Hi there ...I can see the houses moving as a photographic image ... working on it.I love your architectural works.Diagnosis as a paranoid schizophrenic ? Have one too.I also know how to

get rid of them.





David Alexander Richardson

Your work stands out a mile. The way you bend the world but keep it recognisable is beyond brilliant. You make the world your own.


Cecilia Montague

Your show of paintings indicates that you are very talented at fine art. These pieces show the imagination at work at its best.


John Pipere

Your work is insane, the energy jumps of the screen at ya, great work, great work.

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