Alison Privett

My motto is: Always carry a sketchbook!

I find painting and listening to soft music very calming. I suffer from Mental illness and creating Art helps me to relax. When I am painting my troubles seem to disappear. I have found that Art has helped me through my illness and recovery. I tend to go through stages with my Art but I always come back to it. I have been painting since school where I also gained an Art O level. My Dad taught me about angles and perspective from an early age. I have completed courses in life drawing, pottery and silk painting. I like giving family and friends hand-made cards and paintings especially at Christmas. My favourite mediums are watercolours, pastels, charcoal and ink. I find that watercolours flow and this is relaxing. I used to find it challenging but having painted with watercolours for many years I find it natural for me now. Charcoal is so versatile; I like to rub it with my fingers to create different tones of light and dark. I paint things that make me happy. I like to draw from nature especially Horses, Swans and Birds. I like the challenge of capturing these magnificent animals on paper. I like to give my Artwork away for people to enjoy. Horses are my favourite animal. Each horse has a different personality; some are sensitive, some stubborn, some full of life. I also love to paint flowers. Daffodils in the spring, Poppies in the summer, Autumn leaves in the autumn, Snowdrops in the Winter and Holly and Mistletoe at Christmas. I like to draw cricket players from photographs in the newspaper. I like the creases in their clothes. The shadows and shading makes an interesting subject to draw from. One day I would like to live near the sea to be able to paint harbours, the cliffs, the sea and the sky.




I especially love the hares and the horses



I really love your birds best they look so beautiful. Lovely work tho all of them.


Gemma Jayne Paine

Hi I love your work especially the birds n animals your use of water colour is amazing. You certainly have the right touch with that brush full of colour placed in the right amount its magic



Well done Ali. Its wonderful to see your lovely pictures somewhere they can be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone. Keep up the good work.


Graham Balch

Nice to see your work beeing seen by a wider audience Ali, well done!


Cecilia Montague

These paintings and drawings capture the artist's affection for animals and nature very clearly.


Steve Arnott

Dear Ali

I am so pleased to see your brilliant work on line. Well done



This is super Ali, you have achieved so much, the picture you painted for me hangs in my dining room. How wonderful to see your pictures displayed in the format.


Angela R-G

I am so thrilled to see our wonderful artwork in this forum. You have worked so hard - well done!



Congratulations! You are an on-line artist. What beautiful paintings.

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