Ali Kamalati

Ali paints objects and landscapes that are fresh and quirky. He works intuitively, gradually adding shapes, objects and colour fields using a variety of brushes, brush strokes and tools. He over paints earlier images, rebuilding the structure of the composition several times as the work slowly defines itself. His work is intimate, vibrant and lively. It suggests animated events, objects and landscapes that capture the unique and extravert view of the world and the nature of the artist. Ali works with many different mediums, recently concentrating on large paintings, small paintings created in a series and the gradual creation of 'The Book of Ali'. The book is a huge catalogue of painted and drawn images, it is a long term work in progress. Ali is a studio artist at ActionSpace







I like your work . I love to see someone so free with colour . I start my peices using colour freely and then I change them constantly as a sort of "poem " emerges with some figurative elements .


Jonathan Peter Smith

Wow! You have a real raw and natural feeling for colour, expressing real emotional warmth and depth of spirit. Well done, keep up the good work!



Cecilia Montague

The three pieces of art in the on-line exhibition show off your skills as a painter. The paintings are successful because they are open to interpretation.

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