I love art altogether from painting to crafts. It has just done me so much good to be able to express my artistic talents. I have tried many things and I have had good support from Art Angel. I've achieved many creative projects here due Art Angel. I prefer craft based works. I am always on the look out for something new to try.



Thomas Riesner

Sehr schöne Bilder


Amanda Mackenzie

I Love the Miranda Painting: it's a Beautiful piece of Art.


Collectable Icons

I love the vibrancy of this work, and the textures, and the obvious indulgence in the paint, it is wonderful.


Kwei Eden

I absolutely adore the vibrancy of the petroleum work!


Cecilia Montaguec

"Petroleum" explore paint in an exuberant way. "Miranda" shows off the artist's knowledge of historical painters such as the Austrian outsider Klimpt.



Miranda is an absolutely fabulous piece of work - like a cubist goddess

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