Alex Reid

My artistic adventure started by accident just over 5 years ago bit by bit I have developed my artistic skill base by absorbing good artistic practice.

Yes their are better artists out their competing for the audience attention? Nil surrender to meritocracy!

Feisty! Alex always thinks outside the box to be totally relevant for 21 century. My style of work is not in the same league as Norman Rockwell or Hogarth or Lowery. I admire The beauty and simplicity of movement of a calligraphy pen in action and I have see many me devil ink drawings of rural China or Japan to mosaic Arabic art galleries and museums over forty year period. Being a culture buff my knowledge base grows by trying out these forms of art for the first time.

By doing small Roman mosaics and friezes that will sit in the palm of your hand under Genesis Trust Academic instruction at The Roman Bath acts as testament.

Yes! you can! I am no shrink violet I like getting my hands dirty>

Finding the right free courses to partake like free art instruction from a cartoonist who had previously worked for Ardment Studios Bristol turning out Wallace and Gr omit figurines by hand. Learning from this individual was inspirational to develop by fledgling artistic style

Having limited funds this is my entertainment sorted for the year.

mat holders for tea cups my art knowledge base increases in leaps and bonds.


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