15 Days In Clay


15 Days in Clay was originally set up to give small groups of adults with learning difficulties, and disabled adults in the Poole and Dorset area, the opportunity to be taught ceramics to an advanced level enabling learners to develop as artists in their own right. The project aims to inspire and nurture the creative development of individuals in a professional ceramic environment. It started with a grant from ‘Awards For All’, which was in November 2003 for one day a week for fifteen weeks, hence the name. The project has now grown to four days a week with over 40 people attending, and a dedicated amazing team of 11 volunteers, who make 15 days possible. Over the past years it has provided new opportunities for self-expression, confidence building, and personal growth, through the accessible medium of clay. Free taster sessions are offered at the start of the project to make sure this is something each individual wishes to access. Each learner attending this project is taught how to make their own decisions about what they want to make. By teaching the Individuals in a none threatening environment learners are able and confident to explore all methods of construction and decorating processes. Through the teaching methods used on this unique project learners find their practical knowledge of ceramics and creative skills have grown from strength to strength, many are now on their way to becoming artists in their own right. Two of the artists on the project have successfully gained individual grants from the Arts Council to put on their first solo shows. All artists exhibit their work regularly with great success. Qualifications have been offered to learners on the course, most learners have successfully achieved a nationally recognized qualification a National Certificate in Further Education (NCFE) level one and Two in Creative Craft. We have just won the Award for best community Arts organization for the whole of the county, run by Bournemouth and Poole College. The work produced by the artists on this project represents much hard work and inspiration, it tells wonderful stories of tremendous progress and discovery. Above all it demonstrates what can be achieved when people are enabled to exceed the expectations of those around them. If you would like more information about the project please call Janna Edwards on 07980-563899 or email Janna at janna@15daysinclay.co.uk or visit www.15daysinclay.co.uk



tony Heaton

Hi Janna, great to see this is still growing from those small acorns...!


Richard Jeffery

great stuff, Janna. Good to see work engaging with the landscape too.

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