Landscape /seascape /expressionism

I find workin oil on canvas challenging however rewarding Started painting and drawing at a young age and worked on it ever since. I have worked in clay sculpting busts and fully conversant In firing glazing and slipware have a passion for big works. My work now in oil has been challenging but rewarding theraputicly I find there's a vibrancy in the medium that acrylic cannot give me My palette of colours usually reflect my mood swings I hope that you enjoy the work



Richard Toombs

Please contact Richard at The Coconut Loft asap. Thanks


Richard Toombs

Hi TS,

Your Lowestoft Coast painting has sold @ The Coconut Loft but the buyer would like you to sign it when you're next in the area please.


kim fuller

love the message in a bottle. it proudly hangs on my bed room wall.


Stephen Wey

Some lovely works here



Thank you VINCENT for colour


Steven Thomas

Absolutely stunning works here. Mother Earth is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.

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