My name is Mark Pile and I am a Photographer that happens to be Severely Sight Impaired and a Member of Blind Veterans UK. I have always taken photos up to a point but mainly as a hobby, I started to get a bit more serious when my eyes started to deteriorate in 2000 and I had a bit more time on my hands. I was registered blind in 2011 and joined Blind Veterans UK shortly after. Joining Blind Veterans UK changed my life I was ready to give up on photography and life but with the support and encouragement from Blind veterans UK I continued. I like to Photograph people whether that be in a Studio or out and about, I enjoy sports work like football which is a challenge in its self but its great, I photograph for my local papers and I usually have some published in the papers most weeks which is great for my confidence, I do landscape photography on the odd occasion and enjoy it when I do, however my vision does hinder me in landscape Photography. I love to take part in Blind Veterans UK Photo weeks as I like to support other Members to get the best they can out of the week. I assist the staff during the week with anything I can, my post processing skills and knowledge of software used for the task is good and I have previously trained Members in this. People often ask how can a visually impaired person take photos and I try to explain how I do it but in truth it is so natural to me now I do find it hard to explain the finer points, even so I prefer people to ask rather than make comments and walk away and believe me when you are out with a guide dog and a camera you hear some rather nasty comments. Thanks for taking the time to look at my images and I hope you have enjoyed this them. The follow images are in an exhibition called Fun After Sight Loss that is currently going to several venues through out the country


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