Contemporary Fine Art. All media, small and large scale paint

I am passionate about Art and most particularly painting. I studied at CASS and successfully completed Undergraduate program in Fine Art and got my result 95%. July 2018 Awarded Degree of Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours London Metropolitan University. Also I received OWEN ROWLEY PRIZE 2018 Award, with comment “Well Done, you have produced a terrific degree show with lots of interest, originality and skills." I’m born and leave in London. I born observant. This fact, I believe, helps me to be focused and concentrate 100% on my painting. It has also led to my growing up to be a very deeply observant and visual person. As an observer, I notice many things: details, responses, changes in my environment and society. I paint powerful ideas that convey a strong message relating to current news events and issues that affect me on an emotional level. The social problems that interest me concern people’s problems and their everyday live challenges. I'm heart broken when I see people begging or sleeping on the street, especially to my home city London. I am distressed by refugees and the terrible stories they had to go through to survive. I am particularly interested in the idea and reality of mothers and the relationship with their children. I’m interesting of future of our life and it risk, from present problems we have in connection with ecosystem as result of human behave. Art making is my journey of learning about the world through experience and experimentation. It is also an ongoing quest to develop and improve artistic techniques, methods and technologies. My work combines real-life models with images from my imagination to create works that are influenced by Hyperrealism and Surrealism, underpinned by studies of the work of the old masters to recreate the tension and dramatic use of light and shade in their work. My research brings together multiple media images and news events in each painting, they interconnect in surprising ways, possibly creating a new felt environment of my own creation, a parallel world in which suffering dominates and questions are asked. Art making also creates a bridge between me and the world around me so that through art I can form a connection with people and find a way to respond and be accountable a combination of influences coming together and elements broken down. The series I created for my final degree show, brings together multiple media images and news events in each painting to help viewers to think about these social issues and wonder more deeply about the interconnectivity of each element of the images. The images combine Hyperrealism, Surrealism and techniques of the old masters combine with current media images and news stories to create a powerful commentary on poverty and refugees. I hope to break down areas of traditional pictorial space, perhaps moving away from stretchers, exploring alternative surfaces and the effect that has on my ideas, feelings, responses as well as looking into a more public art, its relationship with the artist and society, and the relationship I have as an artist to the particular form of society which we have at this moment in history. The images show my distress when I see people begging or sleeping on the street, and see stories of refugees in the news. I am particularly interested in the stress and sacrifices of mothers as they try to feed and educate their children.  At my degree show, the head teacher of Blanch Nevile school said to me “Ted, the Giant girl 2, when I saw it, it completely changed my view over the refugees.’’ And tears came into her eyes. Thus, it is very important to me to be able to translate my feelings, and my message to society without excluding my self as a responsible critic in order to communicate this message. My frustration and the difficulties which I’m fighting with make my observation ability special and powerful. At this moment I’m working independently in my home kitchen. I regularly participate on group exhibition sense 16 years old and today, with a range of oil paint. My work yearly been included in Hampstead School of Art prospectus as well 2018 university prospectus book. As usually I paint from life. Observation is my prime importance of my work. My painting develops out of life drawing. It could be still life nude, portrait, landscape or abstract. I had and been practicing to develop to Contemporary Art. I paint using different media, ink, pastel, charcoal, acrylic but oil painting is my favourite. Oil painting fascinates me as it adds life to the paint. The smoothness and the condensity greatly apply and give that feeling of flexibility or juicy figure or shape, properly, with the sense of flesh that makes you admire and love it. My intent is to make the viewer come in and feel my composition. And I think I have achieved that. For example, few of the visitors that come to my graduation exhibition commented about my work entitled ‘’Little Josh’’ that they felt as if they were in the scene in that moment. You could see that different viewers had different favourites out of my paintings. One of them asked my character to hold his hand. Method - how I work I like to paint in large scale influenced by hyperrealism and surrealism. Sometimes I start to paint my idea straight into a large canvas, drawing my ideas in pencil and developing them by adding colours with careful consideration of light and shade, which I have studied from Old masters. Velázquez and Caravaggio are my heroes. During this process I take photos and videos for each step of my work, which I usually like to print and display in a sketch book. Then, from time to time, I go back and study them to see the best effect. At other times I paint my composition directly onto the canvas using thin brushes and oil paint. I create a special mixture of brown + a little blue + a little white to draw the shape of the figure and carefully start adding colours and work in details. Other times, I paint the background first then add my composition on it, making sure to archive the volume I want in a flat canvas. I am intrigued by how images can tell stories. My paintings tell lots of stories. Notions of subjectivity particularly fascinate me. My current practice involves all kinds of painting. Also nature is captivating me at all time. Human body, children’s innocence, older people sometimes wake my ideas to focus on portraiture. It is amazing how I feel when I paint from life and build the composition based on this. My brush transfers all my hand movements and what I think in that moment to the character. I specially enjoy the time when I work, which captivates me for hours until security come and remind me that is time to close the school. I have been working with surrealism for years now, but sculpture is my other talent. That special moment when my hand transfers the wormer into the clay and gives that beautiful shape, the anatomy, muscles, and joints - I really enjoy the outcome and all process. I have practiced and experimented with splashing and dripping throwing paint in canvas. It is impressive - the physical harmony of movement of the liquid acrylic paint over the canvas and interconnection and dissolving that creating fascinated line and ovals ending creating such a beauty of abstract paint. My studio is in my mind – wherever I am - in the park, train, bus - every were I go. At any time. I observe, draw, keep notes, take photographs, until I decide to start my new painting. Sometimes this process takes a long time, but at others inspiration comes overnight. I regularly visit galleries and exhibitions, spend time in the library and research online. Rembrandt, Turner, Van Gogh, , Caravaggio, Rubens, Michelangelo, Salvador Dali, alongside Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Eugene Delacroix , Théodore Gericault, Neo Rauch, Jonas Burgert also lead me.


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