Ralph Meek


These drawings are done by Ralph Meek (66) He has cognitive brain damage, which means he can no longer say this in his own words. He used to work as a science teacher. He started drawing with absolute compulsive determination when he came home from brain rehab 6 years ago. These coloured pencil drawings are to illustrate the species list for Severn Farm Pond, which is part of Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust, where Ralph volunteers. His drawings were noticed by Linda James of Brooks Art who very kindly uploaded them to this site. Severn Farm Pond is a Nature reserve owned and managed by Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust www.montwt.co.uk Ralph is an MWT volunteer and a member of the ‘Friends of Severn Farm Pond’ group. Here is a link to their Facebook page www.facebook.com/SFP17/



Julie Thomas

Ralph these would really make excellent illustrations for books . Wonderful work Ralph . You have come so far and are an amazing person !


Mel Chandler

A wonderful collection of drawings that express a genuine love of the natural world.

Lovely work Ralph and agreed they would make super cards!


Janet Olivier

What quantity - so many creatures and plants ! And the detail is beautiful - initially I was impressed by the sheer quantity, then on closer inspection, discovered many, many favourites. Ralph has his own very distinct style.


Liz and Stephen Carr

These drawings are really animated and have such personality. By spending so much time on his work and absorbing himself in it completely, Ralph has developed a way of seeing and a distinct graphic style all of his own. They're great!


Kate Sutton

I echo what Maggie and Becky have said.Ralph's attention to detail and his obvious love for his subjects is wonderful.


Maggie and Lins

What a wonderful collection. I would love the drawings made into greetings cards. Wonderful Ralph



these are wonderful images well captured by an observant man

such a dedication to work through the species list and draw every bird, animal and plant in that list. Amazing

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