Prefers pen and ink or any media that can give my drawings energy with detail.

Louis Benoit Illustrator From a very young age it was obvious that Louis had an exceptional drawing ability. However conventional schools never quite suited him and a late diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome was to explain why. Through honing his artistic skill, Louis has been able to excel at expressing his ideas and humour but also finally share his unusual view on things with the outside world. Louis tends to use the pen and ink allowing him the immediacy, chaos and control these tools afford. His work has a raw vitality, irreverence, but also a sensitivity that is irresistible. He graduated from The Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee, in 2011 and has since gathered a growing interest in his work. He has exhibited at The Artworks, Halifax, Gallery on the Corner, Edinburgh, and The Stafford Gallery, London. He was a finalist for The Guardian’s Young Cartoonist of the Year 2017. The fascinating way in which Louis works led to a film of Louis drawing a Goat on a Scooter which was animated, despatched and nominated at various film festivals throughout the world: Nottingham International Film Festival, Newlyn Film Festival, Rome International Film Festival, RATMA Film Festival, Yorkshire, Santorini Film Festival, We Like ‘Em Short Film Festival, Oregon, On Art Film Festival, Poland, and Birmingham International Film Festival. https://vimeo.com/240670384 Bless my Soul!!! Louis Benoit is BLOODY GOOD - and MESSY TOO!!! He Blots a lot - BUT he controls it all too!! WELL DONE!!!!! RALPH STEADMAN




Selection from a few themes I enjoy revisiting.

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