Alec Turner Artist Statement

Digital Artist

I am a digital artist and computer gaming technologist from the East of England



Penny McKenzie

I really like your work - I like the vibrancy and sense of movement they contain particularly


Julia Gabriel

I like the way you blend and use colour.


PS I've just pinned the Blue Flames one on Pinterest, it's so lovely I want everyone to see it. I hope that's ok.


The Blue Flames painting is beautiful. This is very much my kind of thing and I've recently been experimenting with pinks and reds but I absolutely love your use of the blues and violets. I'd love to have a wall-sized version of this! It's very calming to me for some reason. Beautiful.


Cecilia Montague

You have developed a style of abstract art that is very pure. The colours in your work are very intense and the titles are well chosen.


Robert Marsland

like these a lot - particularly Burning Forest

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