Acrylic and Pastel Abstract Art

I have never though as an artist, I still don't to this day. I am someone who draws and appreciates art in any form. As I became older and perhaps a little wiser, I became an avid art fan, during this time I became mentally ill and needed an outlet for my ideas and thoughts. I was directed to a local art class with fellow artists. I decided to use my health to add to my idea of art. I love using pastel as well as acrylic but with pastel you can feel it rubbing against the paper and becoming the art. I love looking at artists' work, trying to see what they want the art to become because art for me is making the art lovers see what they want to see. My most favourite moment while doing my art is a piece I created which was named "A Tree In Autumn" which was done in pastel. It was the biggest and most time consuming piece I ever did. I forgot about it afterwards until I received a phone call to ask if I wanted to let my piece be the front cover of a local mental health for that month which was for the World Mental Health Week. I jumped at the chance. I now have been asked for the same piece to be used in a collage on the wall of the new Medical Museum at Worcester University, City Campus to highlight the value of art in Mental Health Recovery. Art with always stay with me; now and in the future.




I love the tree in autumn picha... me av also done a tree picha on me page... kewl :)



thank Ann really glad you love the Tree in Autumn it the piece that gets noticed the most.



thank Ann really glad you love the Tree in Autumn it the piece that gets noticed the most.


Ann Gaunt

I love your vivid colour in these paintings, and especially love your Tree in Autumn which is one of the most stunning paintings I have ever seen. It evokes such positive emotions! It's as if you can see the life force of the tree. Brilliant!


AJ/Adam Teague

all these comments are making want to paint more and more. Thank you all for your lovely comments.


wonderful use of colour and contrast. Yes. you are an artist.


Adam Teague

Cecilia thank you for your comments i never thought of looking at them that way


Cecilia Montague

This type of art has a graphic quality to it and also crosses over into illustration successfully.



Thank you Anna, it makes me happy that others find like my work. I to like my Tree in Autumn too. The eclipses are very unique for me i very rarely use only 3 clours. I useda compass to make the cirlce then drew a rnadow line around imagine a flame in my mind ten choose a darker colour for the colour part i.e the outside. The programme that inspired me was heros



These are fantastic. My favourite is A Tree in Autumn. Also I like how you have created the eclipses. A simple but very effective idea.

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