Abu Hasnat

Abu Hasnat explores angular shapes and bold colours on a variety of surfaces and this gives his work a very distinct style. The use of different, sometimes unexpected and unusual materials makes his work appear daring and adventurous. Abu is interested in potential relationships, combinations and connections between various objects, shapes, textures, materials and colours. His paintings demonstrate a strong understanding of colour as he moves quickly and with a certain confidence to create fluidity and motion. Even areas that are produced in a short amount of time still have depth and energy. He works on two levels: at first his work may seem slightly random, however when the viewer takes a closer look they can often see the thought that has gone into the finer detail, creating wonderful moments of surprise. Abu Hasnat is a studio artist at ActionSpace www.actionspace.org



Penny McKenzie

This is my first time viewing work here and yours immediately stood out and attracted me. I was very drawn to your dark red image initially but love the vibrancy and use of line in all of them.


Sandra Streeting

Wow love these. Very vibrant and lively.



Your imagination and creativity are unparalleled really love the colours


Chris West

I think this work is very satisfying to look at. The relationships btween the shapes and the angular boundaries remind me of urban architecture and ancient field systems. What I like about this work is that you have thought out the randomness rather than leaving everything to chance. I think this is what makes this good abstract art.



This is a very dynamic piece of art and I was immediately drawn to it. I love the colours, textures and interesting use of different materials. I hope you will put more of your work up on here.

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