About Alan Cross

I read on the internet about Barack Obama's affection for Larry the Downing Street cat and I posted the painting shown to Downing Street to pass onto Barack Obama on my birthday (April 1st) I am updating my page for the first time since 2012 and I am currently working on a painting to send to Kate Middleton based on her photography of George and Charlotte. I am experimenting with techniques and hoping to possibly exhibit again following appearing in the Outside In Hastings exhibition with Frozen Sunset over the Shore.



Mo roche

These are astounding! Wish I could see them in person. Thanks, it’s great work.


Miro Tomarkin

Dear Alan,

My name is Miro Tomarkin. I am Curator at the Boathouse - Creative Icehouse Quarter - in East Londons Barking, on the river Roding. I was wondering if you'd like to show some of your work at the brand new venue there. Depending on your body of work - either as solo exhibition or joint...

Please feel free to contact me via email miro.tomarkin@gmail.com or via Phone - 0790 680 71 60


Julie B www.bgallery.co.uk

Love Clara, love the detail in your works



Lovely work, very impressive!


Cecilia Montague

Your show of paintings are very well made pieces of art. These works must have taken you a long time to complete. They are really interesting to study up close. Your brushwork is very confident!


Hannah Lucas

WOW, I never realised how talented you are, these are fantastic! You should be really proud of yourself.


James Bird

Love "Marginalised Dog", more Clara!


Marcus Hill

It`s nice to see Alan`s work in the public arena. It is about time people see the true talent that he has. I hope this also pushes Alan forward into creating more artwork. Good show old bean!


Andy cleasby

Great work alan!!! A talented artist!!

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