Alan had an extensive career in design, sales and marketing prior to suffering a stroke in March 2011. It was while in the Donald Wilson Neurological Rehabilitation Centre in Chichester, that he discovered his interest in painting, initially sketching animals for the nursing staff and fellow patients, before progressing into mono colour and colour portraiture. At the suggestion of the Stroke Association, Alan joined the Partners in Art scheme run by the Pallant Gallery where he continues to develop his artistic ability. Alan specialises in animal portraiture, although he is constantly looking at developing his horizons into other subjects and art media. He has undertaken several commissions of peoples pets, including dogs, cats and horses. Please contact Outside In if you would like more information of a special commission. His reindeer portrait ‘Rudolph’ was recently chosen as one of a highly successful range of Christmas cards published on behalf of Partners in Art.



rachel henderson

Beautiful art work - love them all x



I love all of your pictures here they are wonderful and each one has such character. It's hard to pick favourite because I like them all for different reasons...but "calm down dear" I think deserves a mention! For the lovely drawing AND the fun title!


Julie B

You have produced some wonderful images, Millie is stunning well done



Great work, particularly love your reindeer! Such attention to detail in your art, lovely


Cecilia Montague

You are a very talented draftsman. It is a difficult task to draw animals but you have had success achieving a likeness.



I like your pictures. Elephants at Waterhole is beautiful. Calm down dear made me laugh because of the title. I can really see it. I like them all really. Thank you



Your drawings are beautiful, thank you for sharing. Julian


Tandy Roberts

Feeling just s tiny bit proud of such a talented relative. Fantastic pictures Allan x

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