ALAN HOPWOOD visual artist

Contemporary Painter

My work explores daily experiences and emotions, linked to memories through time. My work is often heavily layered, these layers evoke the passage of time with glimpses of distant memories interacting with the present. As a disabled person my physical and emotional state fluctuates, perhaps to greater degrees than most, these ups and downs influence my work as does the optimism I feel for the future. The works shown here are all sold as sign and numbered Giclee prints. each image is limited to 25 prints.



Alan Hopwood

Exhibition of Paintings by Market Harborough Artist Alan Hopwood.

from February 11th, at The Landscape Gallery on St Mary's Road, Market Harborough.

The work shows how artist used nature and art practice to combat depression, and hopes to inspire others suffering with depression to step outside and allow the world around us to rekindle a zest for life.

Opening night is Wednesday 11th Feb 2015. 6.00pm - 8.00pm all welcome. Alan will be there to discuss his work and his journey away from depression.

online exhibition from 11th feb visit

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