I have Cerebral Palsy, this has over the years deteriated and has left me unable to walk, read and write. I have begun to use the computer to create digital paintings as I struggle to use paint brushes and pencils now. I attend North Tyneside Art Studio, a charitable arts and mental health organisation that provides a warm and caring environment in a relaxed atmosphere where I enjoy being with friends.




hey Alan,

loving the wild cats - with blue eyes and black heart!




mike hughes

I really like the way you are able to manipulate your digital images- they have wit and humour.



Very witty, and well done


This is really strong work Alan. Brilliant. Love the vibrant colours used and the names of each drawing. All the best Julian



This is a great show. My favourites are Speed Dating and WIld Cat, Black Heart. You drawings are dynamic, funny and skilful and I look forward to seeing more.


Cecilia Montague

Your on-line show is evidence of the talent that you have for making cartoons. This is a brilliant show of works with a lot of diversity. Your animal drawings are very strong and your figures are funny. This is very competitive animation art!

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