Alan Ramdhan

My name is Alan Ramdhan and I am a 32 year old artist with autism based in South London. I started drawing when I was 12 years old, it felt very comfortable and the right thing to do. I was encouraged to do art at my school and achieved GCSE grade A. I still enjoy drawing and have learned to print lithographs at City Lit which feature quite a lot in my portfolio. I have framed a lot of my drawings and these are displayed in my house. My work has a lot of detail and it takes me a long time to finish a drawing.



Kunst und Psychiatrie

Sehr schöne Bilder


Sandra Streeting

I am so envious. I would love to be able to draw like this. What a great talent to have.



wow,you have such talent keep it up wish i could do it!!!!!!!!!!!!



I love your style, your drawings are stunning


Chris West

This work is very Escheresque! I love your playing with the perspective to enhance depth of field and your tones complement the subject matter. I think your draftsmanship is part of what is being lost with the inexorable rise of the CAD/Photoshop generation of which I am part. Your work is very much about the human dimension and the spaces we create


Mark Tolram

Hi Alan - simply stunned. Love Tower Bridge and the Churchill Museum but my favourite is definitely the Parked Car - gorgeous colours.

Will be seeing it in person soon!

See you then mate.



Amanda Riley

The detail in your work is amazing.


John Pipere

Absolutely stunning and wondeful work, you have a wonderful way with your sketches and i loved looking at you gallery


Debbie Sutton

Hi Alan,

your detail is amazing in all of your work here. I really love 'Inside Winston Churchill Museum'-it makes me feel like I'm in there.I also have an ASD-Aspergers.


Cecilia Montague

You have a strong style of your own that you obviously challenge. The images that you complete as a draftsman are of an excellent standard.



Hi alan , i like your hallway of an Imaginary house.I especially like the floorboards , as you can somewhat see the reflection coming from the room .All your work is very good , but this one appeals to me most :)

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