Demons and Roots

Art As a Journey to Redemption

I am a first generation American, my family emigrating from Scotland. I am 63 years old. I grew up on the top of a hill looming over Gresham, Oregon I managed to earn a law degree, but I have never practiced law. I have worked hard on my art work from 2006, Since December, 2012 I have shown my art almost 30 times at various venues in the Portland, Oregon area. I have lived in several places, including Chicago,Toronto, and Belfast. Artist Statement Welcome in, droogies. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I know the way out. I do know that demons are made, not born. My demons were made in various places: The streets of Belfast. The coal mines of Scotland. The rain-soaked hills of Oregon. The magic city of Paris. The blues clubs of Chicago. (Vaya con dios,Son Seals.) And under the bloody red sun of fantastic L.A. In 1971 my demons sat in a cafe in Amsterdam sipping cheap whisky and smoking bowls of hashish, trying to remember where the cemetery was located. My roots are in County Antrim, Ireland, where the past is never the past because it hasn't happened yet. In order to survive roots must go deep. Roots never see flowers or the sky. When roots are told of blossoms,clouds, the sun, and infinite green spaces,they think they are being lied to. My art is my truth.



Alan Scally

Hey Steven--Thanks so much! I appreciate your kindness in

Communicating your positive feelings about my work. Death Runs Faster is a work I too am fond of--it arose, I think, from being around people who were facing the end of life but in deep denial. I'm never actually sure about the sources of my work--As D.H. Lawrence wrote in a poem--"Not I, but the power that through me flows." Again, thank yupou so much! All the best, Alan


Steven Thomas

There's a lot going on in your artwork. Wow. Death Runs Faster is magnificent. As are the rest but that one for me really stands out. Great artwork.

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