Elantseva Svetlana


Some of my art work is influenced by my life in Russia. The processes involved in my creative output explore different ways of working, incorporating techniques observed, photographed and documented when I lived in Moscow, the South of Russia, and the Ural region. My interpretation of ideas, designs and imagery is expressed in paintings, collages, 3D ceramic sculptures, photographs and films.The colours used for the sculptures and some paintings evoke the feel of Russia. I was born in Russia. I worked as a member of a team of artists producing Soviet art until the event of Perestroika. In England, I gained a BTEC in Fine Art, and completed an introduction to Art Therapies at Shrewsbury College of Art and Technology, and a Foundation Degree in Creative Art for Employment at Staffordshire University. I am currently studying for BA HONS Entrepreneurship for the Creative and Cultural Industries, Fine Art at Staffordshire University.My paintings and ceramic figures are instantly recognisable by their Russian style, by the colours and how these are used together. Throughout my life and travels, I always feel a connection to my home land. This informs the pattern of my life and my art, through which I pay homage to my heritage, my country and its ways of life.



Julia Gabriel

I have just read your artist's statement and can't fail to be impressed by all your qualifications. You are a born artist.

I was attracted to your picture of the Russian Market simply because it was Russian and I love the little I know of Russian culture, literature, Orthodox Church and the beautiful music and icons that come from it. How wonderful that you pay homage to your heritage. This is a beautiful thing to do. Thank you for your inspiration.


Julia Gabriel

I loveyour subject matter, especially the Russian market (as I love things Russian) You are very talented, Thank you for your display online. Jules


Kwei Eden

I like the things you have chosen to paint. Their is a warmth to them, the colour is also great :-)

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