Alano Moore 02o

Everybody's creative.. But its only the free mind that embrace it.

I'm Allen i have had art's always been in my life from a young child it was all i could understand. I am a fine arts student at Loughborough University. My work focuses on the human mind and works, weather subconscious, conscious, spiritual or induced. It is important though a world of perspective suggestion we keep the mind active awake and our eyes open.



Max Frances

I really like your themes and the work you make from them.


Alano Moore

Thank you so much for the comments, its great to know the work i do apeals to many people, i will in turn look at all your work :)

thankyou again


Great range of talent, styles & creativity. Love the Dali x



nice work


Cecilia Montague

The process suits the subject that is being explored in this art. There is a broad and fluent languagebeing developed in these pieces, of artistic practises , themes and concepts.


Jacqueline McGovern

I love that each piece is so different, the Dali portrait is beautifully done, very striking. As is 'My eye on anatomy' the mixture of materials works well and is utterly beautiful in their abstraction... Good luck with your degree, I'm just going into my 3rd year of Fine Art at UCLAN.

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