Bern Behan

Mostly 35mm abstract photographs with mixed media

I mainly use a Canon AE1 camera to photograph compilations of rubbishy materials found around my flat. I throw light on these loose constructions to try give them a more mysterious & precious "feel".. My artwork reflects inner wrangles, tangles & tortures (not forgetting the joys!) which intermingle & sometimes settle & loosen up in the right light (ie. real care for self, others & from others) . I love finding the beauty & distinctivess in the seemingly worthless, ordinary, decaying & torn. I've been on intense silent meditation courses which makes me very reflective (or because I'm reflective?) My art gives glimpses into my meditative journey at times - by no means always pretty!! Sometimes I haven't got it in me to create, other times I've had to create in order to at least visually note and validate the internal- torrent in process, the joy & pain. The activity of making helps perhaps dilute & dissolve intensity & stuckness and the, at times, seemingly mountainous inner force of being. Piercing the "rubbish" with light forces me to see things transforming before my eyes when I feel it hard to believe in the possibility. The journey is your own or it is nothing, to paraphrase something I read once, this chimes with the 'experience for yourself' teaching of the Buddha. Our own life is the raw material for art. Other peoples art helps at times too, it can be uplifting and hope giving to see creative evidence of the manifestations of their honest life questions, symbols, relationship with nature, universe, self & others - many wonderful examples on this site. Thanks.



Bernadette Behan

Thanks for your kind comment Sinéad. The process is often a mystery to me & I'd like to think I leave a bit of room for the 'sacred' to sneak in! Who knows! I'd like to work on getting an exhibition together someday, somewhere! Will let you know.


Sinéad Habron

Beautiful artwork! There is a sacred mystery to these pieces. Exhibiting any time soon?

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