Outside In: Discover at Cerno Capital London

Cerno Capital plays host to three Outside In artists for this exciting exhibition at its London offices.

This exhibition offers an unique opportunity to discover new artwork and learn about Outside In.

September 19 – November 23, 2018
Cerno Capital, 34 Sackville Street, London, W1S 3ED
Viewings are by appointment only. Contact Isobel Camm: isobel@cernocapital.com 020 7036 4110 
When booking please mention any accessibility needs, the building has a small lift and ramp

A vibrant exhibition, hosted in the unique setting of Cerno Capital, is a great opportunity to discover the work of three artists and learn more about the award-winning arts charity Outside In. Outside In: Discover will run from September 19 to November 23 and feature pieces by Jasna Nikolic, Nnena Kalu and Rakibul Chowdhury.

Marc Steene, director of Outside In, said: “These three artists show the depth and quality of art being produced by Outside In artists currently. Their contrasting styles and approaches show that art is still a powerful tool for self-expression and their integrity and passion shines through their work.”

Nick Hornby, managing partner at Cerno Capital, said: “We are thrilled to support the work of Outside In and provide a platform for these vibrant pieces. Outside In is instrumental in promoting and celebrating the work of artists who might otherwise not have the chance to exhibit, and we are looking forward to having such fantastic works on display.”


Meet the artists:

Jasna Nikolic
Religion, spirituality and mortality are recurring themes in Jasna’s work (pictured above). She has spoken of her strong inner need to paint and how art is a place of freedom for her which is integral to gaining happiness: “Since my childhood I was the most comfortable to express myself and to communicate through painting. Art is a place of freedom for me. I am all the time in it, creativity is present in my everyday life.”

Jasna has been an Outside In artist since 2006, having heard about it through an artist’s newsletter, she said it has ‘helped me to create again, to feel as an artist’s again, to connect with the outside world and the art scene’.The Serbia-based artist has taken part in a range of Outside In exhibitions, including: Outside In: National in 2009 (where she was an award winner), Eterni-ments at Pallant House Gallery, Outside In: On Tour, in 2013, 10 Years of Outside In Award Winners at Pallant House Gallery in 2016 and most recently Outside In: Journeys at Sotheby’s in 2018.

Speaking about her artwork, Jasna said: “I strive to understand and overcome the fact that we are mortal. I am seriously engaged with iconography and fresco painting which I do for churches. That medieval, ancient form of art is another spring for my artistic inspiration. That is happening without my intention, subconsciously, but the influence is very deep and strong. Struggle for an inner peace is my art theme.

“As an artist I have been through terrible crises as a part of my life path,” she added, recalling how experiencing bombing resulted in serious psychological problems with anxiety, claustrophobia and depression.

“Outside in helped me to get back on my artistic feet, to start to work seriously, to have this push with an exhibitions and to feel as an artist, [a] real creator, [a] person capable for creativity again.

“I keep on saying that Outside In is like a beautiful, strong and supportive art family. My relationship with the project is ongoing, and I fell very lucky and blessed to be part of it.”

Nnena Kalu
Despite using a wide range of materials and techniques, systematic layering is a key quality which underpins Nnena’s artwork – in both 2D and 3D.

As well as creating an extensive body of sculptural work Nnena has also developed a vast body of paintings, drawings and collages.

Works of significance include a series of 40 ordnance survey maps developed over a six month period in the Action Space studio. Nnena worked on the maps in pairs, rotating the work to allow the paint and ink to dry before applying extra layers and colours using repeated lines in a circular motion.                                            

Nnena, who is non-verbal, works by responding to the rhythm and noise of creating the work and often keeps her eyes shut - especially while drawing - allowing her arm to flow with the line.

London-based Nnena has been developing her art at ActionSpace’s Studio Voltaire space since 1999. ActionSpace supports artists with learning disabilities and creates projects to engage with the visual arts.

Laura Davidson, writing for A.N Artists, described Nnena’s solo show at Glasgow Intonations as being ‘an exhibition of exuberant sculptures that explode with colour and texture and seem to celebrate the sheer delight of making’.

She added: “Kalu undoubtedly has an essence of Phyllida Barlow about her but Kalu’s ingenuity makes Barlow look demure and restrained in comparison – her colour pallette is riotous and the taped shapes crackle with surprising, boundless energy."

Outside In have exhibited Nnena’s work at the Outsider Art Fair in Paris in 2015 and in Radical Craft: Alternative Ways of Making, 2016. Other recent exhibitions Nnena has taken part in include: Spectrum Arts Prize, at the Saatchi Gallery in 2018, Nnena Kalu, at Glasgow International in 2018 and Spring Syllabus at J Hammond Gallery in 2018.

Rakibul Chowdhury
The relationship between everyday life and popular culture is explored in Rakibul’s artwork.

His pieces incorporate images of pop stars, movie legends, fashion icons and beloved cartoons – reflecting his interests which are dominated by music, TV and celebrities.

Much of Rakibul’s artwork is made up of numerous characters, with muses including the Spice Girls, Tom Jones, the Muppets, Super Heroes, X Men, George Michael, Jennifer Aniston, Keanu Reeves and Madonna, to name a few.                  

Rakibul lives in Portsmouth and attends art sessions at Art Invisible, who strive to improve opportunities for people with learning disabilities. Outside In have taken Rakibul’s artwork to the Outsider Art Fair in Paris in 2017 and was also exhibited in the Outside In launch exhibition at Sotheby’s in 2018, Outside In: Journeys

Debbie Lyall, managing director of Right to Work CIC which runs the sessions, said: “Art provides a wonderful platform on which a Raki can express himself, it also provides a tranquil and productive environment which has enabled him to develop his artistic skills and manage his behaviour. The recent interest in his artwork has given Raki immense enjoyment and satisfaction, his self-esteem and confidence have grown; his family can’t believe the positive changes in him at home within the last 12 months.  Raki often used anger and extreme outbursts to express himself, this no longer happens which has allowed those closest to him to relax and enjoy his company.”

She added: “It’s not an exaggeration to say that the involvement in Outside Art which has included two significant exhibitions, has truly transformed his life.”

For all press enquires regarding the exhibition please contact laura.miles@outsidein.org.uk or call 01243 770 828

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