As an current practising artist who has spent many years researching art I wish to include more than one medium. I have worked with various mediums and I feel a responsibly as an artist to diversify my practice working with wood craving, clay, collage, and painting, often finding beautiful detail and happy colours. I couldn't sit down and chose a specific colour that I am the most happy to work through. Though, setting some limits has proved to be fruitful when composing with certain colours. I have studied for my dissertation the life and work of Charles Macintosh and Gustav Klimt where I discovered a style that was new to me and much to my desire. Literature I've read about the period definitely reflects the great movements of art nouveau. My work has since developed into making geometrical shapes using colours as prompts. The patterns become inherently complex and simple at the same time. The importance of my art involves a search for happiness making it a very fun thing to do. Outcomes are often enjoyable and also refreshing when I take some art out of storage and have a look at what I've been busy doing over a long period of time. I would love to be respected and sought after as an artist but the life that comes on its own with this work is much more entertaining. There are many artists who have certainly influenced and inspired me to the highs and lows of artistic work. I continue to be a painter and an artist and all the rest.


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