David Varney

3D Resin wall art

Having suffered a traumatic event in my life and having to deal with the ensuing depression and anxieties that came as a result, I turned to my lifelong passion of art to help me through the difficult times as well as becoming a conservation volunteer in Epping Forest Although I thoroughly enjoyed using traditional mediums such as watercolours and acrylics to paint traditional real life scenes, I felt something was missing. I felt as if I needed to pursue a different type of art by using different mediums and so I began to experiment. I came across the medium of resin. Having worked with glass previously, I found resin gave me a fluidity and flexibility that was missing with glass that I needed in order to achieve the desired look. Reflective and tactile 3D pieces that had previously inspired me and so I set about creating a style that not only satisfied me as an artist, but would hopefully satisfy others in such a way that they would invest in unique and original art pieces to make their wall spaces beautiful.


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