Exhibition Info

From 8 April to 2 July 2017 Outside In welcomed James Gladwell back to Pallant House Gallery for his first solo exhibition. James won the coveted Outside In Award at the Radical Craft exhibition in 2016. His prize was this solo show.

James’ delicately stitched artwork Foreign Birds featured in Outside In’s exhibition Radical Craft: Alternative Ways of Making. At the preview of Radical Craft, renowned Outsider Artist Marie-Rose Lortet selected James to be the Outside In Award Winner for 2016. Lortet said of her selection:

"I chose James Gladwell because of my sensitivity to, and my knowledge of threads. In Foreign Birds I see the air [space] in between, and it feels as if you are gliding over the world. I believe the artist searches for serenity and calm through his work."

James draws directly onto found pieces of fabric, before stitching over the intricate designs with colourful cotton threads. His drawings express whatever is of interest to him at the time; memories, dreams, television shows or the world around him. Stitching is something that is portable, relaxing and satisfies his need to create.

Ahead of the exhibition opening, a gallery of images from the exhibition was featured on The Guardian Online.

Dates: 8 April – 2 July 2017

Venue: Pallant House Gallery, 9 North Pallant, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1TJ