Rakibul Chowdhury

Artist of the Month January 2018


Rakibul ('Raki') creates colourful pieces exploring the relationship between everyday life and popular culture.

Outside In first met Raki at an Artist Support Day. Since then, he’s exhibited with Outside In at the Paris Outsider Art Fair in 2017, to which he brought his art group at 'Art Invisible' along to visit and it was a great success. He will also be exhibiting his work in our upcoming exhibition, Outside In: Journeys, at Sotheby’s (34-35 Bond Street, London) from the 11th – 19th January (9am-4.30pm, weekdays only). Don’t miss this opportunity to see his fantastic work in real life.

We are delighted to have Raki as our Artist of the Month for January 2018 and have him answer a few questions about his artistic practice.

These answers were written by Raki’s teacher at Art Invisible having spoken to Raki and his family.

London Fashion

When and how did your interest in art develop?

Raki’s interest in Art developed at a very young age. Through watching cartoons / TV films, he picked up pens and created his own pictures from the age of six. Raki has always loved drawing and draws at home and work.


What influences your art?

Raki’s work is drawn from various influences - fashion, music, film magazines, TV programmes, books – that are available for him to select at Art Invisible, and people who fascinate him, e.g. Madonna, Arnold Swartzanegger.


Which artists, if any, have you drawn inspiration from?

Artists Raki has drawn inspiration from in the past year are Grayson Perry, Picasso, Matisse, and Michael Brennond Wood, old masters, Botticelli, Burne Jones, Millais, Tibor Reich. We look at a range of artists throughout the year and you will often find their influences in Raki’s work.

Katy Perry, Superman

Do you have a favourite piece? If so, which one and why?

Raki’s favourite work always contains Madonna, Arnie, Bollywood actresses, Shakira, Batman, Star Wars, Michael Jackson, George Michael.


What do you hope the viewer gets from your work?

Raki enjoys showing off his work. He likes to see excitement and happiness on the viewer’s face an also enjoys explaining who are in his epic pieces.

Raki and his art group, Art Invisible, at the Paris Outsider Art Fair 2017

What has been the highlight of your artistic career?

Definitely going to Paris with Art Invisible to see his work and get all the support he was given. Raki enjoyed being featured in a magazine and signing his works in public.


Has being a part of Outside In been beneficial for you? If so, how?

Yes, very beneficial. It has raised his profile, people can now see Raki’s talent and his capabilities. 


What is next for you as an artist?

Raki would like to continue producing epic works of art incorporating everything he loves and admires. Raki would also like to sell more work, so he makes more money. He enjoys shopping for new fashions and buying new leather jackets.


You can see more of Raki's work here.