Kristina Veasey

I am a mixed-media artist who likes to turn negatives into positives. I'm drawn to the patterns and beauty found in everyday routines and junk; the parts others tend to overlook, find ugly, or mundane.



emma louvelle

Dear Kristina

I so appreciate the pyschadelic celebration of dirt!

Dirt and grime photographed and then being turned into patterns for home furnishings is such a brilliant idea; a celebration that is also a liberation. Reading your descriptions and seeing your artwork has lifted a gloom from your own mind about my own current home environment and that is an incrddible gift for me to get and needed.

I think I might be in love with 'the lone rice crispie'!

There's beauty to be seen in everything, but many don't look beyond or think beyond. Artwork like yours guides the eye to such treasures and revelations.

Thank you



Kristina Veasey

Thanks Jackie. I have taken a lot of photos outdoors, including a daily record over a year of things I see on my school run. Last year I got ACE funding to develop them into a project called Beyond the Torch Run which allowed me to combine my experience as a paralympian, artwork, and a love for the place I live in. It has an interactive map on the website where other people can also add their photos and share the things they notice and think make the area what it is.

I will also post a selection of my school run photos on here and possibly some from my 'rust lust' collection too! Off to google your work now, looks like we may have a common passion!


Jackie McGovern

Amazing eye for detail, and capturing the banality in your surroundings. I too am a fan of the mundane, in fact my practice is based on just that, the incidental discoveries of spaces and places and honing in on discarded objects is also another way of viewing the ordinary. When you get out of the house do you take pictures on your wanders? I'm not sure how mobile you are or if it's feasible to do but taking photographs when you are outside might also offer you a new insight into the wealth of ordinary things there are to look at, and inspect closely, just like you have done with the interior of your home. Your window shots are very interesting and I love the sink shots too. Keep it up, it's a fantastic range of work :D x


Kristina Veasey

Thank you for your kind comments. I have so many ideas but am unsure of how to make them happen. Any advice would be most welcome!


Regina Lafay

Fabulous eye for beauty in the mundane, as well as for visualizing something new. Keep it up. I'd love to see where you go next!


Cecilia Montague

Your gallery on-line is zany. At first glance you would never think that these images were of household grime or bacteria. The sequence of images are very clean-cut! In the series of projections you have manipulated the camera to create very different images. These pictures are also evidence of your talent as a photographer.

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