Leonardo PR

Abstract painting

As a profoundly Deaf artist I have used art as my therapy. In the Deaf Unit within Jubilee Primary School my love of art began. At Oak Lodge Deaf School art was my best subject. Due to balance problems, I was accident prone and had terrible headaches, this also affected my literacy. I am a slow British Sign Language signer and I found that I am a more visual person. I've learned to overcome my communication difficulties through abstract art therapies. Making and printing art has healed my lack of confidence. I still find writing, speaking, signing and drawing realism quite difficult. As an empathic person, I've learned to lipread and use laughter to vibe with people - crossing cultures and groups. I enjoy Deaf Clubs, open mic nights and Caring for Carers meet ups.



Leonardo PR

Thank you for meeting us (me and Su patterson, my mum) at Sotherby's when Jan Ardin caringly introduced us.

Please do inform us of the open day in Chichester we could come to.

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