In the Autumn of 2015, due to my life events and health concerns I started to "spiral down". To cope with the negative thoughts I have been spending more and more time at the seashore and often taking photos. Once, someone suggested to me to try and paint some of them. I took heed and I found the "Holy Grail" - happiness, with a care-free and worry-free time while creating. In January 2016 I decided to try drawing portraits. Soon there were not enough A4 sheets at home. In Summer 2016 I showed my thick folder of portraits to some qualified artists. They all encouraged me to keep on practicing and to make bigger pictures. In the Art Club of Capital Project Trust, at Bognor, Jackie C. showed and explained to me some important basic techniques (shadowing, painting without a brush, which paper to choose, how to apply different paints). She also gave me a lot of positive feedback and taught me that "there are no rules". I really enjoyed completing my first painting on paper, but I am still waiting for the courage to start making my portraits in oil (maybe soon). Jackie at Capital called me an "artist" for the first time while we were in the art club, and that 6-letter word gave me wings – and I wanted to live up to that word. I love beauty. I love beauty in everything, whether it be nature, animals, humans. I enjoy the process of creating after the Creator and it makes me happy if others enjoy it what I have made.


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