Mark Tamer

Experimental photography

I am an experimental photographic artist working with both analogue and digital mediums. Through my work I’m looking find a balance between chance and control, and between; construction and destruction, signal and noise and ultimately, life and death. I explore the frailty of the body, the mind and of life itself. I believe mistakes can not only show up a process, but can often tell us more about something than something perfectly executed. Evolution is full of “mistakes,” life is full of mistakes, therefore art should include mistakes. These errors and glitches not only remind us how vulnerable and delicate we are, they can also open up new possibilities and show us something new. If my work rejects the window onto the world illusion of photography, if it embraces the mistakes, the glitches and the disruptions, then I believe it becomes both about the surface that is photography and the (often) hidden world we live in.


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