Martin Phillimore

Martin first came across Outside In at their Surgery Day in Hastings early in 2015. At the Surgery Day, he uploaded a selection of his work to the project’s website, and submitted to the HOUSE 2015 exhibition. His submission was successful, and his work was chosen to appear at Phoenix Brighton as part of ‘Intuitive Visions: Shifting the Margins’ in May 2015. This was the first time his work had ever been exhibited.

Martin says: “My interest in art was always there as a young child. When I was in my early twenties I became involved with illicit substances, mainly hallucinogenic, including magic mushrooms. I found myself expressing what was going on in my mind by doing many pieces of art one after another. I found the intensity of what I was producing a reflection of my subconscious and also what I was feeling from the heart.”

Influenced by Patrick Woodruff, Martin likes to see and meet other artists who produce art in many different mediums. Of his process, Martin says: “I begin on a piece which will progressively grow, and can usually find that I start on one piece and then leave it and start another. It all depends on how I feel. I started mainly with coloured inks as I could use the really fine nibs. I also found that depending on my mood – I suffer with depression and anxiety – this would reflect on my work being in black or dark sepia colours.”

Martin was overjoyed at having his work displayed in the exhibition. “I have not, until now, realised that my art was recognised as being of any quality. People seeing my work helps me feel more confident in myself and will hopefully restore and inspire me to go on and produce new ideas and new work. This has definitely been my highlight! Being selected for this exhibition is unreal.”

Outside In is taking Martin’s work to the Paris Outsider Art Fair in October 2015, where it will be displayed alongside renowned international outsider and self-taught artists. 

Click here to see Martin’s online gallery

Images: Martin Phillimore, both Untitled