In the beginning I lacked any confidence: my paintings started off as little doodles that I would do and then put in the bin.

But now, being part of the Watts Gallery artist-led programme, i have been give the opportunity and been helped to develop the skills that were always there but hidden to me.

I find that my paintings help me to escape, both from all the strains that are surrounding me and from the things in my past. Painting clears my mind and makes me feel alive and i think that this comes through in the colours that I use. These workshops have helped me to express my feelings and art has opened a door for me that I never new was there. It is also a way of experiencing mindfulness for me. I have been given a future to look forward to and my confidence has grown so much. In most of my paintings you can find a fence, placed there as a symbol of my need to protect myself. With each new painting, the fence is getting smaller and there are now gates painted in the fences that are just opening up. i am unable to change my past, but i know now that I can change my future.


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