Roll out Step Up at your organisation

Step Up has a team of skilled course tutors trained to deliver the Workshop Leaders and the Interpreting Collections courses.

The structure and content of the Step Up courses have been developed to be flexible and can be adapted to meet your requirements.


Every participant is provided with a course handbook, and given access to the Creative Learning Hub. The Creative Learning Hub is an on-line community set-up for each course. It is a safe place for participants and tutors to share information. There is an image of the Creative Learning Hub to the left here. 

Step Up has been delivering courses at Pallant House Gallery since 2007, examples of the interpretations include visual and audio as well as workshop packs.

The Step Up courses are accredited by Pallant House Gallery.

If you would like to discuss how Step Up could be rolled out at your organisation please contact Kate Davey, the Outside In Step Up Coordinator via one of the following methods:

Telephone: 01273 381311
Post: Outside In, Fabrica, 40 Duke St, Brighton BN1 1AG

Download Roll_Out_Step_Up.pdf...