About Exploring Collections

Exploring Collections aims to provide participants with the skills to research and interpret works of art.

The course focuses on individuals choosing an area of research from museum and gallery collections. Each session provides participants with training and support to develop skills in researching their chosen area / theme / artist and also how to interpret what they have researched.


Participants in the interpreting collections course

The Exploring Collections course is delivered over 10 sessions by a course tutor, with support from a course assistant.

The course tutor is there to deliver each of the 10 sessions, give you help and support during the sessions and to provide advice and guidance during the course. 

You will be taking part in a variety of activities during the sessions. There is a mixture of theory and practical activities.


1. Introduction to the Exploring Collections Course
2. Introduction to the Creative Learning Hub
Choosing your Research Subject
4. Starting your Research
5. Independent Research
6. Other Sources for Research
7. One-to-One Session
8. Group Visit
9. Interpretative Responses
10. Round Up and Reflection

At the end of the course each participant is required to produce a research report detailing what they have discovered including how they propose to interpret their findings. Examples of the interpretations and responses include workshop packs and films. 

Images: Copyright of Andy Hood