Julia Oak - Visual response to Interpreting Collections

I undertook the Step Up course – Interpreting Collections in 2013.

A personal passion of mine is textiles; working with fabric, yarn and fibres provides me with a sense of belonging and self that was nurtured by my mother from a very young age. On the course we are invited to explore an image, artist or theme based upon Pallant House Gallery’s collections.

I chose the theme of textiles. 

Pallant House has a rich history; the Gallery has a varied collection of textiles, some old and some contemporary so I decided to look at the way textiles had changed from when the House had been built and offer some proposals for artwork for the future.

The proposal chosen was Yarn Bombing the courtyard garden.

Yarn Bombing was initially a guerrilla art tactic used to highlight a political point; however bringing it into the garden of a reputable art gallery changes the message as it is by invitation and not a guerrilla act.

The message is Textiles is Art!