Equality through Art

Break out of a 'Hall of Mirrors' - those social prejudices which distort your image; - be your real self

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, - Show me my true image after all. Break through the dark, bad splitters, All grittier, bitter litter, - Of attributes thrown, blown, and flown at me. By tides and winds and lies, Of people not wanting to see, The real ... - ... 'me'.................... - " (my poem). - - - Unless you write your own story, - someone else will write it for you, or might give you a stupid part in his or hers. Unless you paint your own pictures, someone else might put you in the wrong picture. Unless you make your own music and songs, you might have to dance to other peoples' tunes.... After having a whole life of wrong stories about me, and being put into wrong pictures, and having to move to other peoples' tunes lacking all care, soul or meaning; .... - I have started to write my own stories, paint my own pictures and write my own songs.



Eva Imagery

Beautiful work dear Waltraud,love the texture, the movement & energy and warm colour compositions. The images & the text speak to my soul ~ thank you, Eva


Waltraud Pospischil

Thank you Phil, you were the first to comment, so it took me some time to realize I can write back.

Painting and poetry often go together in my work, they both touch the soul, heal and find magical escapes. I paste my latest poem in for you below:

Thrown Away Boomerang Heart

Have thrown my heart

Into the black marble bowl,

Letting it get hacked to pieces,

On the sacrificial altar called love…

Have thrown my mind

Into that abyss of feelings,

Letting it drown without care,

Swallowed by the darkest depths love can encounter…

Have thrown my soul

Right into the endless blue sky,

Further afar than any ocean’s deepest point,

But it will return one day, like a boomerang, bringing love to the whole world.


phil baird

A lovely Mythic collection of images All individual compositions, I also like the titles and poetic notes.A achievement of the spirit through the medium of colour texture and paint.

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