Artist Statement

“I like to work with my hands. I’ve drawn for years, on and off, even as a child I was always scribbling something but I didn’t take it seriously until I came to Bethlem where I was encouraged by the staff to take it further. I draw to pass the time and it helps to get rid of my depression, especially when they go right, I like to draw buildings which I could imagine living in, they are safe, warm spaces with fences around them. I start with a vision in my mind and it blossoms from there, and then I try it out on the paper to see what it looks like. Whilst I draw I imagine the building being constructed in brick and brought to life, I like to think the people looking at my drawings will stop to wonder, ‘would I live in a house like this?’”




I love the architectural qualities of your pictures. The compositions are very interesting.


phil baird

Albert yes I would like to live in one of your house drawings! they are, warm and human scale and practical They also have a good sence of space inside and out. Nice to see you at private views from Phil B.


Cecilia Montague

In your show of works on-line there is a selection of what resembles architectural type plans rendered in a monochrome technique on paper. These are great pieces of art because they demonstrate all good aspects of drawing ; graphic lines, tonal range, strength of composition etc. This is very likeable work.

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