Albert Geere- Biography

In 1937, when he was 2 years old, Albert was placed in the Fountain Children’s Hospital in Tooting. Since then he has lived in long stay institutions and more recently supported independent care environments. Albert has made pictures all his life; early on with whatever materials came to hand. Albert recently moved into a brand new, self-contained flat. He is extremely happy with this arrangement. Despite these momentous changes, Albert has maintained a steady output of drawings and paintings. He is meticulous in his approach and works quietly and steadily for long periods without breaks except at appointed times such as for lunch or when he is expecting a lift home. Albert has spent time concentrating on small, abstract drawings over many weeks during the past year. He also moved position in the studio at Project Art Works to sit nearer to Michelle who helps him set-up his space in the mornings and offers encouragement during the day. “Albert has become more confident in himself – he is always eager to show his work to people and takes great pride in it.” Support worker to Albert. “It has taken over 70 years for Albert to be given a label that he is proud of. When people are asked to describe Albert, the first thing they say is "He is an Artist". Taking part in mentoring studios has enabled Albert to have autonomy with his art that he has been unable to achieve in any other venue or area of his life...he is free and encouraged to express himself with media of his choosing in a direction and pace that suits him”. Albert's drawing 'Abstract No. 2' has recently been selected for the Jerwood Drawing Prize.




Beautiful, inspiring and moving. Thank you Albert.


Cecilia Montague

These are themes that children also love to paint. Your paintings are very pleasant to look at for this reason-they can be understood by everyone.

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