Ali B

finding art again

I have always been creative, loving to try all aspects of art, never losing the excitement of creating. After being told the reason I was so exhasted was ME/CFS, which knocked me sideways mentally, art was lost. Gradually and with help from others closest to me and Arts on Prescription I am finding the excitement of creativity once more. The comments left on my page has been wonderful and slowly my confidence is coming back. I thank you all. I am just loving my art and life again.



Karen L Thompson

Just found your Etsy shop via Pinterest. LOVE your work here, too. (sighing and drooling here... some fawning as well). lol. Beautiful!! Beautiful!!



W O W !!! Remember Costa. Would love to hear from you but have no address for you.



I'd like to say thank you for all the lovely comments

It really makes your day when you read them and gives you a confidence boost :)

Thank you for making the time



Your work is beautiful, especially the delicate watercolour pieces such as Med by Trees and House on the Edge. Houses in the Round is fantastic - so whimsical and fun yet incredibly detailed!


Mike Spencer

Your talent is amazing and also use of differing styles - but the area which amazes me the most is your attention to perspective and shadow which makes your paintings truly come alive. Please paint more !



These are beautiful, Ali. Paper Landscape is a stunning and witty piece, but my favourite has got to be House On The Edge. That feels like a long, long drop.


Ann Gaunt

I love everything you have displayed here! I would hang Lavender Field on my wall, I love the way you have captured the stormy sky.

Your talent shines through across all the mediums you have used. I, too, would love to see more of your work. Fantastic!


Cecilia Montague

These images show the range and diversity of styles that the artist has mastered. The drawings are Renaissance in their appeal, the landscapes are vital and the abstract images are unusual.


Alan Baker

Love "Framed by trees" and "House on the Edge". So different to anything else I have seen.

All show such an amazing talent, but at the same time, variation in style and technique. I'd love to see more examples of your work.


Mark Palmer

Wow, these are fantastic! I'm especially drawn to the House on the Edge, although I wouldn't like to live there! One can only imagine what fossils and remnants of strange beasts lie within that crumbling edifice? This "North Yorkshie" must be a fabulous place indeed!


liza lecompte

framed by trees is my favourite piece.

Amelie loves houses in the round - and we are lucky enough to have a copy of a similar piece!


liza lecompte

i love this artist; such a diverse use of tool and technique. interesting visually - amazing!

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