As a blind artist I exploit my other senses to create 'Visionary' pieces. I use the word carefully to provoke thoughtful investigation from the onlooker, and to distinguish the concept from 'Visual Art'. This is a purely subjective viewpoint on my part, since the absence of visual feedback allows me to explore my work from an inner perspective using my other senses as the interface. I aim to interpret my ideas in a dynamic way, endeavouring to demonstrate active life in contrast to still life. My preferred media is wood as it generates an latent energy to me, whereas other media, however well constructed, relies upon the energy input of the artist to transmit its dynamic composition. Wood is still a living thing and it is telling me its history, its life, and its chronology through my fingers.



Aquinas Okell

I'm really impressed by this artist's work, I think they're really talented and I can see a lot of hard work has gone into there work. So well done

Aquinas Okell


Andre Teixeira

Hi, Alan, I,m Andre, the brazilian who has visited you in 2004 and your dad , hope you can remember.

I'm struggling to get in touch with you, Alan, as your old email does not longer exists.

Please write a line, I'm living in London, have so many good things to tell you,

missing you and the tea,



Kwei Eden

LOVE your subject matter with `The First Digital Computer` ;-)


Regina Lafay

Impressive works and skill. They beg to be touched.


Alan Michael Rayner

Hello Cecilia, apologies for late response, but I've only just found your comment. All my work is done by touch. It either comes straight from an image in my head, or I work from a maquette which is a wire and plaster model which I make first to get the proportions in place. Another way is to copy from ornamental figures, but I like to make things from my own original ideas if possible. I am glad you like the sympathetic ear. This was one of my early pieces made from a piece of elm, and I made it for another artist/woodcarver as a thank you for donating some wood to me. If you would like any further information, contact the site managers, who will give you my contact details. I have written an article about wood carving without sight ready for publication in the wood carver magazine.


cecilia montague

Hi Amrayner

Are the wood carvings that you made designed by "touch"?

or do you have a friend to help describe the work to you as it is being made. I particularly like The Sympathetic Ear. The contours in the wood that show from polishing the surface are very beautiful.

Cecilia Montague

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