Emma Louvelle

The Double Headed Goatfish

Emma Louvelle is a South West based Double Headed Goat-fish, improviser, choreographer, dancer, collector and creator of images, objects and text.



Waltraud Pospischil

Dear Emma, it was awesome to meet you in Chichester and watch your presentation! Best wishes, Waltraud


emma louvelle

Dear Drew

Keep in contact!

You are ace!

Love & Respect



emma louvelle

Dear Mike

Thank you soooo.......much for your lovely words!

I will always be making work for me it is as essential as breathing.

Love & Respect



Drew Fox

So fantastic to meet you yesterday, really blown away by your performance, films, words and inspirational energy!


Mike Inglis

Hi Emma. I spoke to you very briefly today and you let me make a video portrait of you in the sunny courtyard. I just needed to tell you how absolutly beautiful your performance was today, exploring your relationship with art and your wellbeing; it moved me profoundly and I can not articulate with words how moving this performance was. Keep making work, you are very very talented.

All love



john taylor

Thank you John

Your kind words are such an encouragement, I couldn't find you on here, so I hope you receive this message.

Love & peace

Emma Louvelle


John Taylor

I am so pleased you are 'artist of the month'. I love 'Back of Beyond'. We met at the Bristol opening and exchanged a few encouraging words. Keep up the great and varied work and your infectious enthusiasm.


Stephen Wey

Some powerful pieces - 'Back of Beyond' in particular speaks to me


sandeep kumar mishra

Thanks a lot for encouraging words


Sandeep Kumar Mishra

To be different is to be condemned OR appreciated by society' . Imagine feeling free to be who you are. Imagine having the freedom to act the way you wish. Imagine just being you. These might sound like simple enough imaginations because these are acts which we live out each day effortlessly. Simple enough for us, yet there are countless others who face difficulty in having the free will to freely express who they are. He is treated as if he is extremely strange and is disliked by the majority of the community. A person can be unique in one or more ways, however, he may still be treated differently than others.



Steven Thomas

So many people who use this site write so eloquent and spellbinding descriptions that I find reading those sometimes just as entertaining as the art on display. I love the photographs through the glass, I love Back of Beyond and I love the rest too. Absolutely stunning body of work. Thanks.

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