a disorderly accumulation of rubbish from the gutter

I make art from rubbish

http://www.instagram.com/jacobrockart/ l was born in London in 1961. I compulsively collect rubbish, usually as I walk to work. I feel compelled to take pick up discarded materials seen as worthless that become ritual objects that are significant to me. The habitual collecting and subsequent assemblage of these objects into art, allows me to be free of the constraints of the mainstream conventional thinking and fixed attitudes – a becoming animal – instinctive - impulsive. Mine is a disorderly accumulation of rubbish from the gutter, that place between the pavement and the road; a no man's land not unlike the tide line, neither the sea nor the land, a place and state that I often feel myself deposited in. what are the creatures I create? My own menagerie or perhaps a representation of what I have no control over, a compulsion maybe, my protectors - my animal familiars kept in captivity for the curiosity and entertainment of others. I was one of the Centaur Gallery, London, artists in the 1990s displaying my sculpture with outsider, folk art and visionary artists and have exhibited in numerous places around the UK, mainly non gallery spaces.



Rose Knox-Peebles

I've longed to see other work since Ifirst met your dog at utside In at Pallant House some years ago - I love the website - do more!



I love your work...its very creative :)


Jenny Aldridge



Cecilia Montague

Your ability to create inventive sculptural forms is very clear. The scrolls ,projection and photos are all very exciting pieces of art.

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