James Lake

James Lake creates large scale cardboard and paper sculptures. The work is based on the themes of humanity, strength, and vulnerability. Although James is a disabled artist he seeks to make work that cannot be marginalized in an attempt to break down the barriers in the art world. Exhibited in Outside In 2009 James is currently involved with the Gold Run project, creating a large scale sculptural head for the stage set. To find out more about Gold Run visit www.outsidein.org.uk/Gold-Run and to see more some images of the amazing work being created visit http://gold-run.tumblr.com/




can you help me do my homework


i dont have a name

I like ur sculptures


spunkey sauce



Cecilia Montague

The figure that you built for the Olympic event this year (2012), of the athlete in the "on your marks" pose is really life-like. He is a graceful representative of "champion".

Your work in general has a similar monumental quality to the sculptural work being produced in Europe at the moment. The European Association of Outsider Artists are the main organisation that organise events for artists who create in a similar style to yourself.



Incredible and lovely. I really like .


Cecilia Montague

These pieces have a very different strength to sculpture made in marble or wood. This process is fascinating.

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