Jasna Nikolic

Although I have degree in art, I was associated with art brut, as a result of my visual language, the need to fill the space up, to use pure white and black paint, and the theme of my work (religious spiritual experiences). I am fascinated with our mortality and have an impulsive strong inner need to paint. I like Iconography and feel that it is inspiring my art. Jasna is one of six award winners from Outside In 2009



phil baird

Its Brilliant that you have both the opposites of Icon painting along side the more modernist expressive /spirit focused work. I enjoyed looking your work at the Impact art fair, Outside in stall that I was looking after for a while.


phil baird

These paintings have very nice colours, drawn. elements and textures. very other wordly space the people and creatures inhabit. A substancial body of work well worth looking at.


Cecilia Montague

Each piece of work is very rich with colour and beautiful imagery.The animal portraits are very pleasing to look at.

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