abstract acrylic painter

Painting has given me the freedom to make up the rules then break them, harming no one and expressing everything. Each painting I embark on has its own life and with each I have an unspoken dialogue, one that informs me as I paint. The back and forth relationship with the brush to canvas, is always different, some take hours of sitting, looking and being with the work, others resolve themselves with relative ease. Colours, how much paint are important in this process, as I respond differently depending on the feel of the work in progress, the energy kicking off the canvas from bold colours and the repetition of layers of clicks encourage me to look around the canvas, with no set way in. There is no way in which the art is meant to be viewed. I moved to painting abstracts in an attempt to get more expressive movement in my paintings, after feeling that my paintings were becoming constrained and flat. I think there is still a lot for me to experiment with in ‘the click series’ and I am still evolving the idea. I’ve moved from a rigid set of rules, square canvas one main colour to using geometric shapes and patterns to guide the use of colour. The inspiration for my art, was originally from an attempt to conceptualise how the World Wide Web looked if it took a shape(s), the interconnectedness of people socialising or communicating, albeit one place removed from what I class as a normal social interaction, where two or more people occupy the same space to have a conversation, meet a friend or work together etc These human computer interactions via the internet have to be initiated by the user, through a device like mouse or touch screen. The mouse was the inspiration for the repeated set of brush strokes, the clicking of a mouse.




Please could my page go live? Thank you Mads xx

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