Realm: The residency diary

Updates from Outside In artist Richard Downes

Outside In artist Richard Downes – one of three artists taking part in the pioneering residency and exhibition ‘Realm’ - shares updates as the project gets underway.
Richard – who was selected following an Outside In call out – joins Mr X, chosen by Bethlem Gallery, and Hazel Brill, chosen by CGP London, Southwark Park, where the project and exhibition is being held.

‘I am in the realm of kings and queens
And senses and friends and artwork
Emerging in my own way
Emerging through the team’

Those are the opening lines to Richard's first Realm diary entry. He goes on to explain how the group have been getting to know their surroundings, talking walks and photographs (see right), which have prompted a series of memories.

He goes on to write an A to P of examples of these ‘memories’ which includes ‘Fairgrounds. Ribald rock n roll on the waltzers, tight blue jeans, roll ups, looking for a chance, holing out to candy floss or a shortly to demise gold fish’ and ‘Cheryl in the long grass’.

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