Outside In artist project for Portsmouth Festitivies

How to get involved in Clarke Reynolds' 20-20 artwork

Outside In artist Clarke Reynolds is currently working on a community art project which will form part of this year's Portsmouth Festivities.

“The theme is 2020 but I’ve used it as the vision 20-20,” explains Clarke, who describes himself as 'a blind visual artist'. The result is the Eye Sea Squares Project 20-20.

“The idea is I go to schools and care homes, play a soundscape of the sea and each person has a 20cm square piece of fabric which they will use to make a tactile piece inspired by the sound, then afterwards I sow them all together to make a large tactile embroidered seascape. My hope is to get 2020 squares.”

In order to reach this target, and involve as many people as possible, Clarke is running the following events:

21 March -  Portsmouth blind association 12 to 3pm
26 March - Highbury College Learning Disability Art Group, Arundle street 10am to 3pm
10 April - Hotwalls Studio, Portsmouth 12 to 4pm
11 April - HobbyCraft, Havant 10 to 4pm
14 April - Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth VIP Art Group 11 to 1pm
16 April - Making Spaces, Leigh Park, adults 10am to 12
17 April - Aspex Gallery, mini makers 10.30 to 11.30am
18 April - HobbyCraft Havant 10 to 4pm
20 April - Aspex Gallery family Saturday 11 to 1pm
29 April - Making Spaces, Leigh Park youth 4.30 to 6pm

You can read more about Clarke's work in his interview HERE